Derma'EPN with electroporation

Micro-needle electroporation

An innovative system combining the effectiveness of electroporation and micro-puncturing.

Medical CE Certificate

Both the EPN and the needles-electrodes have CE Medical Certificate.

3 times deeper than micro-puncturing

More than 3 times greater penetration of the preparation thanks to the use of electroporation.

Laser efficiency

EPN is characterized by the effectiveness of the laser at an incomparably lower price!

Indispensable in trichology

Effective delivery of growth factors to the cell thanks to electroporation despite safe shallow micro-puncture.

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EPN micro-puncture with electroporation on the scalp

Specialists in the field of trichology have confirmed the excellent results after treatments on the scalp

According to trichologists, the micro-puncture on the scalp should not be deeper than 0.25-0.4 mm. The 0.5 mm depth is used when the Patient has very thick hair. The skin on the head is 0.4-0.5 mm thick, so it is impossible to safely puncture to a greater depth. Therefore, it is not recommended to use dermarollers, imprecise methods, because they can damage the hair by breaking it or even tearing it out, and micro-punctures deeper than 0.4mm can damage the hair follicles.

So how do you get growth factors into the cell?

Growth factors which play the most important role in skin rejuvenation, wound healing and hair stimulation and provide clinical benefits by acting as signaling molecules between cells.

Scheme of EPN microneedling with electroporation (hairy scalp):

The use of electroporation in EPN micro-puncturing allows for effective delivery of active preparations to the skin at such a depth, where it is required, with a minimum needle penetration depth. As a result, the EPN works much more effectively even at shallower depths compared to the existing devices. Thanks to the innovative synergy of two technologies (micro-punctures with electroporation), we eliminate the risk of mechanical damage to the hair, while achieving effective and sufficiently deep penetration of active substances into the scalp.

The depth of penetration of active substances

depending on the method

Applying the preparation only to the skin surface

Penetration depth: approx. 20 μm

Derma'EPN microneedling + application of the preparation to the skin surface

Penetration depth: approx. 40-60 μm

Microneedling Derma'EPN
with electroporation

Penetration depth: more than 3 times greater

Thanks to EPN micro-puncturing with electroporation, puncturing even at small, safe depths, the superficial results are much better than any previous micro-puncture devices. The micro-puncture itself helps the applied preparation to overcome only the stratum corneum. But thanks to the use of needle-electrodes in the EPN device (made of Japanese surgical steel, coated with gold), an electrical impulse (electroporation) flows during the micro-puncture, the action of which causes the preparation to be absorbed into the skin 3-4 times deeper than in the case of micro-puncturing itself.

What does it do? Thanks to the EPN device, the preparation penetrates into the intercellular space, and electroporation helps it pass through ion channels directly to the cell. This is the only effective method for the preparation to penetrate deep into the cell through the cell membrane, the task of which is to maintain homeostasis.

EPN micro-puncture with electroporation

Application on face and body

Scheme of EPN microneedling with electroporation (facial skin, body):

The EPN device is equipped with a control of the time of the procedure, which is very important when working with anesthesia in order to be able to perform the procedure before the end of the anesthesia.

One of the many possibilities of using the EPN device is to work properly shallow, performing a refreshing treatment or working on acne. This innovative device is sensational, among others to work on the surface, on texture, discoloration, for example with retinol or hyaluronic acid. By performing EPN micro-piercing with electroporation and cocktails, you get much better results than other derma pens. The effect of tightening and thickening the skin is spectacular, you can see a clear shallower nasolabial furrows. Therefore, it is a safe, natural and without complications alternative to, among others. fillers.

The effect of tightening and thickening the skin is spectacular, you can see a clear shallowing of the nasolabial furrows. Therefore, it is a safe, natural and without complications alternative to, among others. fillers.

EPN - laser effectiveness

for an incomparably lower price

EPN micro-puncture with electroporation successfully competes with the fractional laser to a certain extent. Both methods concern skin regeneration based on its controlled damage. Many indications for them coincide. EPN micro-puncturing with electroporation is definitely a cheaper and simpler alternative, of course with some differences. Not every clinic is able to invest in a laser and not every patient can afford laser treatment, e.g. due to the convalescence time.

Due to micro-punctures in EPN, bleeding occurs, which cannot be achieved with a laser, as the high temperature causes coagulation and no blood is released. In the case of EPN micro-punctures, blood is released and there is a so-called platelet regeneration. Thanks to fibroblasts, growth factors are released and this is how new collagen is created.


Medical CE Certificate


– hairy scalp
– skin of the face and body

Recovery period:

– up to 3 days


– reduction of atrophic scars and stretch marks
– reduction of acne lesions
– reduction of discoloration (melasma)
– improvement of skin tone
– improvement of skin texture
– active acne
– reduction of hair loss
– strengthening the hair structure

Low risk of complications

Due to the lack of high temperature, platelet-derived growth factors are released

Penetration of active substances from the intercellular space into the cell interior thanks to electroporation

Small size, light (easy to transport)

Purchase price: low

Rate of return: very fast

Fractional Laser

Medical CE Certificate


NO possibility of working on a hairy scalp
– skin of the face and body

Healing period:

– approx. 14 days


– reduction of atrophic scars and stretch marks
– reduction of acne scars
– reduction of discoloration
– improvement of skin tone

High risk of complications

The high temperature causes the tissue to evaporate, which significantly reduces the effectiveness of the treatment

NO substance penetration

Large size and weight

Purchase price: high

Rate of return: very long period

A wide range of applications

EPN microneedling with electroporation

How EPN works

Needle mesotherapy with electroporation

Technical specification of EPN

Detailed information


Medical CE

Application of the device


Number of revolutions / min (RPM)

level 1: 4000 revolutions / min
level 2: 4500 revolutions / min
level 3: 5000 rpm

The depth of the needle-electrode injection

0,2mm – 2mm

Needle-electrode thickness

34G (0,16mm)


disposable sterile

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