Innovative therapy of hypoallergenic peeling

FDA certificate

The highest effectiveness and safety confirmed by the American Food and Drug Administration

Hypoallergenic peeling system

Greater effectiveness of peeling and protection against skin stretching

H2 Premium module

Hydrogen saturated water as standard for medicinal use

Double facelift

Muscle stimulation as well touch receptors

Multipolar electroporation

Direct transport of substances into the cell

The richest composition of substances

Hyaluronic acid, AHA acid, BHA acid, moisturizing ingredients

Anti-clog system

Trouble-free use

H2 hydrogen water therapy

Hydrogen therapy, peeling, revitalization and regeneration in one

Innovative technology that allows you to remove not only excess sebum and the stratum corneum, but also reactive oxygen species responsible for the aging processes.

The HYDRA TOUCH H2 system uses hydrogen water of the highest achievable concentration to capture free radicals, thus contributing to a significant slowing down of the skin aging processes.

A high-quality Japanese hydrogen generator produces as much as 1500-1500 ppb units of a hydrogen atom – an amount unattainable by any device.

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Treatment accessories

Hydra Touch H2

Vacuum exfoliation

H2 Premium module

Multipolar electroporation

Double MF facelift

The effect of the treatment

Hydrogen purification Hydra Touch H2

How it works

​ Hydra Touch H2

CELLMULA Clinic Solution

The richest composition of substances used in hydrogen purification devices

CELLMULA Alpha Hydroxylic Acid AHA

A substance dedicated to peeling and brightening the skin without irritation. It removes callous epidermis and waste products from the skin.

CELLMULA BHA Beta-hydroxylic acid

A substance dedicated to deeper cleansing of the skin, minimizing the amount of closed and open blackheads and reducing inflammation. Concentrated action against excess in the T-zone

CELLMULA A hydrating substance, the extract of Portulaca Common

A substance dedicated to quickly soothing sensitive skin after peeling, providing hydration, immediate relief, enrichment with antioxidants and moisturizing the skin.

CELLMULA Clinic Solution

4 growth factors + hyaluronic acid + 46 active ingredients! Strong revitalization, regeneration and hydration of the skin. Anti-wrinkle and skin stimulating effect. Strengthening the elasticity and restoring the skin balance.

H2 Premium module

The hydrogen peeling system thanks to the innovative radial tip ensures the penetration of hydrogen water directly into the skin, eliminating reactive oxygen species responsible for cell damage and restoring cell health. Standard hydrogen saturated water for therapeutic use

Dry and aging skin due to the presence of reactive oxygen species

Dry and aging skin due to the presence of reactive oxygen species

Hydrogen permeation H + in high concentration

Increasing vitality. Strong antioxidant, moisturizing, anti-inflammatory and anti-apoptotic properties

Elimination of free radicals

Removal of reactive oxygen species along with urine and sweat


Innovative therapy of hypoallergenic peeling

The peeling substance comes out of the center of the treatment tip and undergoes a strong radial rotation at its end, and the process of suction of metabolic products ensures the elimination of impurities from the pores without scratching and irritating them. The innovative structure of the treatment tips enhances the effectiveness of peeling and protects the skin against stretching during vacuum operation!

Reduction of atopic and inflammatory changes

Vacuum cleansing and exfoliation

Effective penetration of substances

Double facelift

Muscle stimulation and touch receptors. Relaxing and soothing effect, improving circulation

1KHz medium frequency current

The massage tips rotate in the range of 360

Improvement of skin elasticity and a lifting effect

Muscle massage through deep stimulation

Skin regeneration, improvement of lymphatic circulation, muscle relaxation

Improvement of innervation and blood circulation

Kneading massage



The application of substances directly to the cell thanks to the creation of the temporal channels in cell membranes.
Direct absorption of many types of substances into the cell without altering or damaging the biological structure and function of the cell

Effective penetration of substances

Moisturizing the skin


Electron microscope photo

Technical specification of HYDRA TOUCH H2

Detailed information


Average frequency

Input power

AC 100-220V / 220-240V, 50/60Hz



Dimensions (W x D x H)


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